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Welcome to the website of the Dutch Volksuniversiteiten!

Together, the Volksuniversiteiten form the largest language institute of The Netherlands. You can choose from more than 30 different languages. In the left column you can click on the language of your choice and you will see the Volksuniversiteiten which offer that language.

Apart from language courses, the Volksuniversiteiten offer a wide variety of courses on creativity, arts & culture, social and communication skills, man & society, food & drink and many computer courses.Volksuniversiteit courses are accessible, instructive, versatile and affordable!

For many courses, a basic knowledge of Dutch will be required. Many Volksuniversiteiten (esp. in larger cities), however, will offer courses for non-Dutch which are given in English.

Look for a Volksuniversiteit in your area and check out their course programme.

General information

A Volksuniversiteit (litt. folk university) is an institute for non-formal adult education. The course programmes are open for everyone, regardless of previous training, age or background. The courses are taken in groups with other students in an informal atmosphere, which makes learning easier and more pleasant. Courses in a Volksuniversiteit are not specially geared toward obtaining diplomas or degrees. The main purpose is to spend your free time in a useful way.

A wide variety of courses

The Volksuniversiteiten offer a wide variety of courses given by expert teachers. There are nearly 60 Volksuniversiteiten, 35 of which are member of Cultuurconnectie (previously BNVU, Dutch Association of Volksuniversiteiten). All members are independent foundations with a ‘not for profit’ policy.

Quite a few Dutch local governments have acknowledged the importance of the Volksuniversiteit in their local cultural scene and have granted financial or material aid. Not all local governments have opted for such a policy. As a result, prices between the various Volksuniversiteiten may differ.